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Working with media and brands are our speciality. Read more about our services and contact us for your request.

remote sessions

We are set up to meet with athletes of all ages and levels. Scroll to schedule a consult. 

Services Provided

Brand Partnerships

We want to collaborate with brands that we believe in and whose values align with ours. We are available for media appearances, product endorsements, content creation, and more. 


Whether you want a sports dietitian to sit on a panel at a conference, to provide a CEU presentation, or to present to a group of students or staff, we can work with your group to individualize to your needs. In addition, we are an ACEND-approved CEU provider.

Team & Athlete Nutrition

Available for on-going or one-time dietitian services for teams or individuals. We can offer guidance to schools and teams without a full-time dietitian, to new dietitians starting out, or to individual athletes looking to improve their nutrition. 


Team Consulting

Game day menu planning, sports nutrition policy & procedure development, fuel station advisory, and team education. Available as a one-time opportunity or on-going service.

common questions

I am working on it! I am relatively new to doing this independently and still building up my portfolio. My prices reflect this so now is a great time to work with me! In the meantime, check out the media outlets I have been featured in. 

Connect with me and we can see! I love to work with brands that I use with my athletes or recommend to teams. Other brands I am interested in show a commitment to diversity, sustainability, ingredient transparency, and that are research-backed. For supplements, I will only work with brands that are third-party tested. 

This depends on length, topic, audience, and location/medium. Let me know what you need and I can get you a quote.

I provide free quotes to journalists or news outlets looking for up to date sports nutrition information from an expert. From there, other services are fairly priced based on my experience and the time needed to complete. I do have some avenues for low-cost and free options, mainly for schools and low-income or non-profit organizations, so please contact me regardless of payment ability. 

This depends on what your needs/wants are in relation to nutrition counseling. Creating an  individualized meal plan costs more than meeting one time to answer some questions about supplements. Schedule a free 15 minute call so I can learn more of what you are looking for and help you pick the right package for your needs and budget. 

This depends on what your needs are! Some people just need one while others like a maintenance program where we meet on a regular basis. 

All nutrition services are provided virtually. Presentations, media opportunities, and conference/seminar appearances can be given anywhere in the United States, schedule permitting.

You can start by scheduling a free 15 minute intro call. Or if you are ready for a full appointment, use the same scheduler and write a note that you would like a 30-60 minute appointment and I will follow-up via email. 

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