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Whether you are an RD2B interested in sports dietetics, working as a sports dietitian, or anything in between, we are here for you.


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Dietitians deserve mentors too! Whether you are a student with questions about the profession or an RD without another RD to lean on? Email me, I want to help!


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looking for a job in sports nutrition?

The good news is that the sports nutrition field  is growing. The bad news is it can be  hard to find those jobs and there’s not much information out there about interviewing for jobs in sports. Do these questions sound familiar? Let me help!

Interesting in becoming a Sports RD?

Check out these resources

Check out this post on the path to becoming a Sports RD.

There are three pathways to becoming an RD.

Here are some graduate programs in sports nutrition adjacent. 

The following schools usually have graduate assistantships geared at Sports Nutrition. 

University of Pittsburgh

Florida State




West Virginia

Virginia Tech

Michigan State

Ole Miss




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