Sports RD for Sports RDs

I aim to be a combination of a recruiter, a career coach, and a talent acquisition specialist to match the right candidates with the right positions in sports nutrition.

If you are a sports dietitian looking for a job, I can help you with job search tools, such as resume assistance and mock interviews, to help you match the perfect position. 

Looking For A Job In Sports Nutrition?​

Interview Help

What questions can you expect in an interview? Do you dress casual? Make jokes? Talk about how you love sports?​

Resume Assistance

Is a sports resume the same as a regular one? What should you highlight? ​

Cover Letter Writing

How can you highlight experience if you don't have much (or any!) in sports?


Whether you are a student with questions about the profession or an RD without another RD to lean on, I want to help!

I can help!

A La Carte

  • Any of the services on a per item basis
  • Contact for Pricing

Entry-Level RD

$ 300
  • 1 Resume Edit
  • 1 Cover Letter Edit
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Network Coaching
  • Compensation Assistance
  • 1 Mock Interview
  • 3 Months Continuous Support

Job Switch RD

$ 400
  • 1 Resume Edit
  • 1 Cover Letter Edit
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Offer Evaluation
  • Negotiation Support
  • 1 Month Continuous Support

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The following schools typically have graduate assistantships geared at Sports Nutrition: 

University of Pittsburgh

Florida State




West Virginia

Virginia Tech

Michigan State

Ole Miss

Illinois State

RD2RD! Check out my store and others  on RD2RD to pick up free and cheap resources to help you scale your sports nutrition program.

There are tons of other routes you can take – private practice, high school, military, industrial. Unconventional RD is a favorite resource of mine. 

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