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When looking for my first job, I was completely clueless about interviewing, and so I did what anyone would do: I searched lists and lists of sample interview questions and answers. And even though I found hundreds of the most common interview questions, they really only applied to job seekers in business. It was so frustrating! Of course, hiring managers in sports utilize some typical interview questions, but I needed something to help me prepare for sport/athletic-specific job interview questions. While I don’t claim to be an expert on interviewing, I have compiled a list of sample questions I wish I had had earlier in my career. These are questions that I have either been asked in a job interview or have asked candidates when I have been the one doing the hiring

I’ll continue to update this list but it gives you a good idea of possible questions and topics to expect so you can start preparing possible answers! Prefer a printable list of these interview questions? Click here for the free download!

General Interview Questions

What challenges do you expect to face in this role?
What is your greatest strength?
What fears/anxiety do you have about this job?
Who are the people who have mentored you?
Who have you leaned on in your current job or in preparing for this interview?
Explain a time when you helped someone navigate through difficulty.
Explain a time when someone helped you come up with a solution.
What do you need to be successful?
What is your dream job or career goals?
What makes you a good candidate?
What is the last research study you read?
What is your most outstanding achievement in work?

Sports-related but not role-specific questions (applies to academics, coaches, sports medicine, other disciplines)

Why do athletes that you coach have faith in you?
How do you track metrics or measure outcomes and report that to stakeholders (coaches, parents, admin)?
How do you balance working with many sports and athletes?
What is your biggest challenge once the game starts?
Give me an example of a time when you were able to get through to a challenging athlete.
Explain a time when you had a challenging athlete and could not get through to them.
What are your responsibilities with your current teams?
Which teams would you most like to work with?
Describe a difficult work season and how you were able to handle it.

Healthcare-specific questions (applies to athletic trainer, strength coach, sports scientist)

How do you use nutrition to build a competitive advantage?
How do you work to promote behavior change?
How do you educate?
How do you work with a diverse population?

Organizational questions

How would you plan to stay ahead of the curve and keep our organization at the forefront?

The interview process is just the first step. But how does the hiring process work in sports? How do you make such an important decision? I’m here to answer all your questions! Join my email list below to be notified when my next post goes live.

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